When it Comes to School… I’m Minding My Own.

So I guess we’ve found it, the new thing to shame each other about.

Sending our kids to school. Never thought we would be here, but here we are!

Day after day I’m seeing decisions about states and their counties roll in… and with it LOTS of opinions about what the right thing to do is.
Here’s what I’m NOT seeing. People using any sort of empathy. No one wants to listen but everyone wants to speak and we’re all feeling some type of way but honestly?

I’ve had it.

I’m a completely live and let live type of person. I TRULY believe in a persons right to autonomy and self determination (it’s the trained social worker in me). We may be from the same place, but I recognize we are still different.

We may have the same skin color, but have totally different traditions. We may be the same gender, but choose to express it oppositely.

You may breastfeed your child, like me, or not. I know that what I like, you may love, or hate, and that’s fine with me.

Here’s my point. This is all of our first time parenting during a pandemic, so it makes sense to me that ALL of us are going to struggle with it. Not all of the moments are peaceful, and we’re missing a lot of stuff we never thought we would miss. We are all in our feels.

So tell me why I’m seeing people seemingly obsessed with casting stones? Half of the teachers on my timeline feel like they’re being sacrificed, the other half desperately want to go back to work. Half of the parents on my timeline are terrified to send their kids back, the other half are planning to have the kid do a tuck and roll (saw a mom comment this and it genuinely made me laugh).

Each side is being passive aggressive, or outright nasty, to the other for not planning on doing it the same. So yeah, I’m at capacity for the “opinions.”

Over here, I’m going to do what I think is best for MY kids when the time comes. I’m still not sure, or convinced either way about what that is, but I know that the 10,000 think pieces being posted a day about what the right choice is no matter who wrote them aren’t helping me, they’re just confusing me.

Over here, I’m minding my business when it comes to circus’s that ain’t mine. Not because I don’t care, but because what other people do in regards to their family is about THEIR family. And I wish them the best, whether we do this pandemic thing the same or not.

I really do.

One thought on “When it Comes to School… I’m Minding My Own.

  1. You hit the nail on the head. I’m not even a parent and I’m overwhelmed with the topic too. This entire pandemic experience is a learning curve, so for the people who seem to “know it all” .. please have a seat it’s not like you can speak on experience. Many forget that we are all entitled to our own opinion which more often than not are formulated by the rational surrounding the factors specific to oneself so what works for you may not work for me. Doesn’t make one opinion better, just different. I’m glad you have a platform in which you can express yourself, especially these days. Xo


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