My 2 Minute Crisis Inspired By School Lunches

Word to the wise: When you randomly think to yourself “I should put the school lunch pictures I have in my phone… on my blog!” do NOT go ahead and do a quick browse of school lunch posts on Pinterest. Because when you realize that you literally only have six pictures in your phone, and you see that the standard amount of “lunch ideas” is 125 (not a joke)… you’ll start saying “okay, maybe I won’t.” And then you’ll have to start giving yourself this huge existential type pep talk about who you are, and why you won’t do the whole comparison thing and THEN you’ll start being too hard on yourself for not updating your blog more often with all the other stuff floating around in your head, and start to wonder if a post about what you pack in your kids lunch box is “interesting” and immediately realize that you need to chill the eff out and just post the pictures because WHO CARES if it’s interesting or not?!?! So. Here’s a very limited amount of inspiration for lunches.


Bryanna Lee

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