The Best Things in Life…

Aren’t things. Man, this past weekend was a good one. I know i’m not alone in loving those. The really really good weekends that you feel completely refreshed by. I kind of live for those. I have some pretty decent weekdays, too, but weekends like the one we just had are totally the best. My mother and grandmother flew in from Florida on Thursday, so we went to a fun decade’s themed restaurant for some birthday dinner (of which I have no pictures) for our big three year old, followed by some cupcakes from the bakery before bedtime (because in all the confusion that is life, I forgot to bake a birthday cake- I’M SORRY ZOEY!)


Actually, I think the bakery cupcakes thing is starting to become a tradition anyway, considering we did that last year as well… so yeah, I think I actually did NOT mess up, I just gave in to tradition, that’s all (or at least that’s what I am going to tell myself). On Friday morning we went to see Beauty and the Beast, which left some of us in tears (not naming names here- but five points to anyone who guesses right) because it was so good. Seriously, go see it, if you haven’t already. I’m actually tempted to go see it again!  The rest of my Friday was spent running around  like a headless chicken trying to get everything we needed for our birthday celebration and dealing with our car being at the dealership, and consequently having to move carseats between said car and rental car, and then back again (because of course if your car is going to need to be serviced for way longer than you expected, it’s going to happen at the worst possible time, every time). Luckily, with my mom’s cousin (my second cousin?) driving in from Arizona that evening, I had a house full of women I love and trust, which also meant I was able to escape to the local brewery for a few hours with my husband for a little date.

Saturday we went to our favorite brunch spot, and then went home and set up for our girl’s Rainbow Party! Helping hands make light work, people. I definitely could not have successfully pulled off such a fun time without my family here to help me. We had some friends over, cooked out, had some drinks, and had the kids enjoy some arts and crafts and decorate their own cupcakes. Such a good time.

We planned on catching the sunset by the beach after all the fun, but by the end of the day we were all exhausted. Izzy literally fell asleep with a book on her face. Sadly, with the birthday party reigning supreme, there was no sight seeing for my family on their visit, which is kind of a bummer because I would have loved to show them the things we love so much about this new home of ours. But there’s always next time, plus now they have a reason to come back (as if the cute faces of our girls wasn’t enough). And of course, we deeply missed all of the people back on the east coast who we know would give anything to celebrate these milestones with us. But that’s why we’re bringing the next birthday party to them this summer (hey, party people!). Over all though, just spending time together with some women we love was much needed, not only for myself, but for the girls as well. Seeing them light up and argue over who sat next to which grandmother was one of the sweetest things to witness.

As time goes on, those moments become so much more than moments, they become the memories. I’m just so thankful that we have people in our lives who love us enough to travel to us no matter how far the distance. Ending my weekend with that sort of feeling is just so incredibly invaluable to me.

Happy Sunday, friends!

3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life…

  1. You will never be TOO far away for me to get to! I needed this weekend just as much as they did! My heart needed those smiles to brighten my life! Thank you! I love you all!!


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